Spring Fever Must Haves!

As of yesterday, it is officially SPRING! I have been waiting for this day since the first snow hear in Charlottesville. Spring is the time of year where there’s fresh flowers everywhere, sundresses, and outdoor activities that last more than 30 minutes!

Spring style is my favorite because it is so effortless, you don’t have to wear 5 different layers. You can throw on a dress, necklace, and pair of sandals & be good to go! So I’ve decided to list some of my favorites from UOIOnline.com to give y’all some spring inspiration! Also, if you use the code KERRYMAR online, you will receive 10% off your entire purchase!

Happy Shopping!


Pink Dress | Grey Dress | Bracelets | Top | Skirt | Lace-up Flats | Lace-up Sandals



April Palette!

FINALLY! We get to wear bright pastel colors without getting strange looks in public! It’s that perfect time of year where it’s warm outside yet you aren’t boiling at the same time. We only have about a month of this amazingness so don’t put it to waste! Today I am sharing some of my favorite pieces in my favorite colors for this season! Put away all those coats and start adding some bright blouses and sundresses to your daily attire!

April Palette

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