My Skincare Favorites!

If there is anything I am really passionate about, it is my skin and taking care of it! As a natural redhead, I have pale, sensitive skin that needs extra TLC. Unfortunately, when I was in high school & college I didn’t have those same thoughts. My goal was getting as tan as possible (shockingly, I can get a lot of color for a redhead…), whether it was laying on the beach for hours, covered in oil by the pool, or in the tanning bed (not a proud moment and never happening again!)

Now, I’ve grown up and realized my health is more important than having a darker glow. Mario Badescu, Josie Maren, and St. Tropez are my favorites for getting my skin in shape, and just how I like it! Mario Badescu is fresh and soothing for my sensitive skin but gets the job done! I see an improvement with every use! After washing my face, I can feel pretty dry due to my sensitivity, that’s where Josie Maren comes in. I love love love her Light Argon Oil! I put it all over my face before I go to bed, and mix it with a matte foundation during the day! It gives me a natural dewy look that is perfect for Spring & Summer!


To finish it off, since we are getting back into those pool and beach days, if the rain ever stops, I still like to have a nice glow! Usually 1-2 times a month I will go get a spray tan as it looks more even and it doesn’t rub off on my clothes. Then I will use the St. Tropez Bronzing Mouse between visits to keep up the color. It has a natural, brown hue, instead of the orange tint like most and it goes on easy with the mit!

| Photo by Anthro_Charlottesville on Instagram|



Sunless Daze!

It may still be FREEZING outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t look like you just enjoyed a week in the sun laying on the beach! Being a natural redhead, I have to be careful no to let the harmful rays get the best of me. I have to be honest, I do tan pretty easy for a redhead but that  isn’t really a good thing. I try to avoid letting the sun touch my skin for long periods of time as it is so damaging.

To fix this problem, I have been using all types of self tanners through out the years. Because lets be honest, Fake and Bake is completely out! I cringe when I see or hear someone mention that they are going to the tanning bed! Just stop it ladies! Most self tanners these days include moisturizers that actually improve the health of your skin so I don’t understand the issue! Here are my top 5 picks for the best self tanners that worked for me!


1. Victoria’s Secret $15 // 2. Sun Laboratories $35 // 3. L’oreal Sublime Bronze $10 // 4. St. Tropez $42 // 5. Clarins $37