A Morning Affair!

Let’s be honest, a morning wedding isn’t exactly a new thing, but it’s definitely not common either. But I get it! I mean you’ve only waited your whole life so far to do so, why prolong it any more than your have to!

A morning wedding is a relaxed, non-traditional way to celebrate tying the knot! And anything that involves a coffee bar, count me in as the #1 fan! I’d also take a donut tower over a tradition wedding cake anyway! (The more I talk about this, the more I think I might end up doing a morning wedding when the time comes….)

With the crisp morning light to brighten up your event, I suggest bringing in some fun colored paper lanterns to really make your space stand out!  They are a great way to make a big space, such as a barn or back yard feel more comfortable!

For this kind of wedding, I’m a big fan of using neutrals combined with one bright color for a pop of extra fun!  I love the idea of black and white stripes with a bright pink (pictured below)!