I Heart You!

 Happy Love Day! What would a Valentine’s outfit be without some added hearts! I have been all about this top recently and I couldn’t think of a more perfect day to wear it! This is definitely a casual look that is still festive. I have also been really into doing more double dutch braid looks recently, so since this is a day dedicated to things we love, why not incorporate them in to my V-Day look!

I hope you all have some exciting plans ahead with your loved ones, whether they be a significant other, family, friends, or your pets! Make sure you tell everyone that means the world to you that you love them not only to day, but every day!







DIY Valentine’s!

There’s something about Valentine’s Day that I’m simply drawn to. I can definitely say that now that I’m a little older I’ve started appreciating this holiday as not just a day to celebrate my guy and I, but to celebrate all the lovely relationships in my life! This year, I wanted to share some love with friends by making them some decorated mugs!

This DIY Valentine idea is SOOOO simple and easy that anyone can do it! It’s perfect for a coffee lover (like myself) or tea drinker! Here is what you’ll need!


All white mug // Oil based paint pens // Heart shaped sticker // oven

Since I had 4 roommates, I went to pier 1 and picked out some basic white mugs and made sure they clean before I started!


Take your heart shaped sticker (or whichever shape you’ve chosen) and place it to the desired area! This will act as your outline if you aren’t exactly great at free handing like myself!


Take you’re oil based paint pens and begin placing your dots around the heart. Make sure to place a heavy amount closest to the sticker and then fade out as you move away! I chose 2 colors but you can use 3. I wouldn’t do more than that as it make look to busy to the eye!


Once you’ve completed your designs, place your mugs in an oven preheated to 350 degrees and bake for about 30 minutes. Turn oven off and let mugs cool complete before taking them out! This way your friends will be able to wash them with ease!


And just like that, you have a fun, inexpensive gift for your girlfriends! Add some packets of tea or coffee and some candies to turn it into the perfect valentine!


All About Those Braids!

Braids are my usual go to hair style whether I’m trying to dress up my look or hide a dirty hair day! These four looks are the easiest and quickest in my opinion For any girl on the go! Now if you know me, I usually rock curls everyday but I always like to start with fresh straight hair before I start any braid and then curl my hair afterwards. I think it just gives your braid a very clean and neat appearance.

1.) Traditional Side French Braid

2,) Side Dutch Braid (FAVORITE!)

3.) Double-Dutch Braid (Very hippie chic! Connect the two braids in the back with a clear elastic. It’s perfect for a rainy day as it holds all the fly aways down!)

4.) Pigtail Braids (Princess Anna Anyone??)



Valentine’s Date Night!

The most romantic time of the year is quickly approaching, Valentines day! While it’s not my favorite holiday, I love an excuse to get dressed up and be surrounded with hearts and chocolate! Now I agree that Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to involve a lavish dinner combined with chocolate strawberries (however I wouldn’t be opposed to these!) and rose petals. However I do love dressing the part for this particular day! So to help y’all out, I’ve put together some perfect options for whatever kind of date night is planned, whether it’s a nice dinner, casual movie date, or a romantic night in, your attire will be on point! And I’ve chosen these items from my favorite shops that are super affordable for you ladies!

Now I chose 2 looks for a nice dinner out on the town. The first dress is your more traditional red lace dress that is always a hit. It is a classic and would look perfect with statement earrings to give it some sparkle! The second dress is a playful pink dress that is definitely flirtatious!


Red Dress   //  Pink Dress

This next option is my favorite and I actually purchased it for myself to wear on this very special day! Since I’m a natural redhead, I tend to stay away from wearing too many reds and pinks. This berry dress is perfect for me and anyone else who is not exactly a #1 fan of those two colors (Fun Fact: it comes in those traditional valentine’s colors too!)! Pair it with  a snazzy statement necklace and it will be a great outfit for milkshakes and a movie with your amazing date!


Berry Dress


Statement Necklace

While it’s fun to go out and about with your loved one for Valentine’s Day, sometimes a cozy night in is all you need! But hey, you can still have some fun dressing up for your one and only! Here are some cozy cute options for you to wear for a homemade meal and desserts on the couch!

The key for this look is to just add little heart pieces somewhere on your outfit! I love my heart elbow patch shirt and you all did as well so I decided to share it with you all again here! It’s on sale but going fast! I love these jeans, and they’re FREE! Just take a pair of jeans you don’t wear too often and apply fabric pant to them in heart shapes! Super cute idea and it updates an item you already have in your closet!


My Heart Shirt  //  DIY Jeans

Everyday Makeup Look!

So here is my tried + true everyday makeup look. I don’t usually get too fancy on a day to day basis, I just like to look fresh, bright, and put together!! Here is what I use to achieve this look



For my face, I used my trusty Hello Flawless Oxygen Foundation to give me a light coverage. I never really used foundation that much, I’m more of a tinted moisturizer type of girl but this stuff is AMAZING! Afterwards I pair it with my Maybelline concealer since I work weird hours and get next to no sleep….. I use a beauty blender to blend it all out for a nice finish!



Since we are in the winter months, I use my Hoola Bronzer to give myself a little more color so I actually look alive. I do a very light contour just to look more polished. I don’t used highlighter everyday, but when I do choose to, I will use my favorite from Becca Cosmetics!



I really like doing a champagne color scene for my everyday eyes. It’s super simple but still looks like you tried just a little when you were getting ready in the morning. I use the Too Faced Silk Teddy shade all over my lids and then add their Cashmere Bunny to my outer corners. I like to do a slight winged liner with my Maybelline Gel Liner because it has a really black finish that I love. Then I finish off the look with my favorite Clinique Mascara!



Last, but certainly not least are the lips.  I always, always, always put chapstick on my lips before I put any makeup on my face. That way my lips absorb all the moister and are really soft my this point. My favorite go to lip color is NYX Eclair lip gloss! It is the perfect nude pink color.


Face: Benefit Hello Flawless Foundation + Maybelline Concealer Lips: NYX Eclair Butter Gloss Cheeks: Benefit Hoola Bronzer Eyes: Too Faced Natural Eyes Palette + Maybelline Gel Liner + Clinique Mascara

Winter Remedies!

I don’t know about y’all, but my body goes completely bonkers in the winter time. The harsh winds, cold temps, and heavy clothing just do a number on my skin, hair, and health. So I though I would share some of the items I consider necessities for this time of year!

1.) L I P   C A R E

My lips are usually the first to go on the winter war path. In the past years, I’ve learned out to maintain this sensitive area before the damage is done. The first step is to use a lip scrub. This removes the dead flaky skin and create soft lips. I usually like to sleep with Neosporin on my lips to really make sure they stay healthy and healed. For the daily dose of soothing, I turn to my trusty Carmex to keep my lips safe from the cold air!

Neosporin, VS Lip Scrub, and Carmex!


2.) H A I R    C A R E 

I don’t have as much trouble with my hair, but the obvious is just dryness. Wether it’s my scalp or my tresses, it’s definitely annoying. This year my go to products have been:

Lush Superbalm, VS Hair Serum,  and Clear Shampoo/Conditioner.


3.) F A C E    C A R E

Now I don’t suffer from acne or anything (I’m really lucking when it comes to that) but my face does tend to dry waaayyy out due to all the harsh winds this time of year. And unfortunately for me, I can’t use any heavy creams that could probably fix this problem in a heartbeat because they are the one thing that will actually make me break out. So I went on the hunt for some products that were strong enough for the Virginia winds but gentle enough for my skin! St. Ives is the perfect scrub with the teeny tine micro beads that aren’t too rough for my skin, but gets the job done! You all know how I feel about the Josie Maran + Mario Badescu products so it’s no surprise that they are on the list!

St. Ives Green Tea Scrub, Josie Maran Argon Oil, and Mario Badescu Complex Moisturizer


4.) B O D Y    C A R E

Lastly, is body care. This requires prep before the moisturizer. Warms showers to fight the cold can dry out your skin, so what you use in the shower is critical! I love the venus razors with the extra Olay Strip to give that extra moisture base. The Lush Ocean Salt helps to scrub away dirt and dead skin leaving skin soft. My favorite step is the Neosporin Daily Cream! I love Neosporin products because the are made for healing and I believe it just make my skin look it’s absolute best!

Venus + Olay RazorsLush Ocean Salt, and Neosporin Daily Moisturizing Cream