Keep It Simple!

When getting ready for the day, I like to follow the “rule of three.”  It’s a concept that makes looking put together a lot simpler and cut your dressing time in half in my own opinion. The “rule of three” basically consists of 1 top, 1 bottom, and 1 accessory piece (jacket, hat, scarf, etc.) The third piece of your outfit just completes the look, and it makes sense. It takes an outfit that falls flat, to an outfit that stands out!

Here are some of my favorite “3rd pieces” as of late!


Moto Jacket | White Vest | Leather Jacket | Necklace | Sun Hat | Scarf | Belt | Kimono



My New Space!

Finally, my new bedroom is finished being set up! Like I said, I don’t really plan on being in my parents home for much longer but remaining on the 3rd floor just seemed awful so I found it a bit necessary to move downstairs into my original room from way back in the  day which was a current guest room! It has so much light (Here is a look at my former bedroom!) and the temperature is much more tolerable!

I definitely decided to keep with my neutral them as it gives a very fresh and light feeling, which is just what I want when I’m spending time in there! I’ve attached some photos of what the room looked like before so you all can see.  It definitely wasn’t a bad space but it was just too traditional for my liking and the color just didn’t go with my belongings!







\\ Fur throw is from Restoration Hardware – Repurposed Window Frame is actually from our house. We kept all of them when we had the windows replaced! //


\\ Pillows are all from Pottery Barn and bedding is from West Elm! //


\\ These branches are actually left over from the centerpieces I made for my sister Kelsey’s woodland themed baby shower! //


\\ Jewelry box is from Pottery Barn – Vases were made by me! – Picture frame and candle are from Pier 1! //


\\ I found this “K” at Home Goods along with a bunch of other fun shapes and I made the necklace carrier! //

Shamrock Wreath!

Hey guys! St. Patty’s Day is right around the corner and this Irish Girl has a DIY that is super adorable! I love this day because it literally is just an excuse to gather with friends and celebrate my heritage! For this DIY, I didn’t want to do anything too over the top since you all know my favorite kind of decor is anything neutral. So I didn’t want to make anything super green, with tons of tulle or glitter…

11039961_10153692467623079_725426677_nWhat you will need:

  • 1 package of Lima Beans (I used baby lima beans)
  • 1 Package Split Peas
  • Card Stock
  • Foam Wreath
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Burlap


The first thing you will need to do is just start gluing your lima beans all over the foam wreath. You want to make sure you keep them lined up in some sort of order. I did mine on a slight diagonal, it isn’t perfect but still looks neat and clean which I LOVE!


Next you will need to trace a shamrock onto your card stock, cut it out, and then glue your split peas directly onto it! Be careful as the peas are small and you don’t want to burn your precious little fingers! Make sure to clean up any of the hot clue webs left behind!


Now just glue that in the desired place on the wreath. I angled mine in a lower corner! Then tie a burlap knot on top for hanging and you’re all set! A simple but chic way to decorate for St. Patty’s Day!


You can place over your fireplace or do as I did and frame it out above your bed!



My Style Icon of the Moment!

Hello my loves! So recently I have been obsessing over, well more than usual, Kristin Cavallari! I’ve loved her spunky, tell it how it is, no holding back attitude ever since she graced the small screen on Laguna Beach! While her fashion sense back in the day wasn’t exactly icon worthy, that is a different story today! I love her casually chic looks that she always rocks! Every piece she chooses feels effortless. And it isn’t just the clothing, it’s her whole look from the hair, to the makeup, and her overall persona! She makes simple feel glamorous! She also rocks her pregnancy style!  I’m hoping she comes out with her own line before I decide to start a family because I will buy literally everything!

I think what I love most is that she uses a lot of neutrals, which is definitely what I’m drawn to. The blacks, nudes, browns, and whites feel really crisp and elegant. But I do also LOVE LOVE LOVE when she incorporates color or a print. She is really smart about it and never goes over the top. She also really knows her body type. She dresses herself in a way that really elongates her body to make her appear taller, which is great for us short girls out there, AM I RIGHT?