Spring Fever Must Haves!

As of yesterday, it is officially SPRING! I have been waiting for this day since the first snow hear in Charlottesville. Spring is the time of year where there’s fresh flowers everywhere, sundresses, and outdoor activities that last more than 30 minutes!

Spring style is my favorite because it is so effortless, you don’t have to wear 5 different layers. You can throw on a dress, necklace, and pair of sandals & be good to go! So I’ve decided to list some of my favorites from UOIOnline.com to give y’all some spring inspiration! Also, if you use the code KERRYMAR online, you will receive 10% off your entire purchase!

Happy Shopping!


Pink Dress | Grey Dress | Bracelets | Top | Skirt | Lace-up Flats | Lace-up Sandals



Back To School Must Haves!

Seriously, I never thought in a million years that I would miss the back-to-school life, but oh boy do I! August has me craving the back to school shopping and the excitement to see all my college friends! I thought it would be fun to do a little post on some back to school items (or in my case, just items to love this year) that I feel are necessities!

Back To School Must Haves!
1. BAGS! I thinks it’s important to have at least two options for your school bag! For me, I used my North Face backpack for everyday classes. It holds literally everything I could ever need! On days when I may have had a presentation or interview, I always used one of my large Longchamps. It looks professional but still allows you to carry whatever you may need! Also, don’t forget a case for your laptop! You will be carrying it all over and don’t want it to get damages! This is my favorite laptop sleeve from Kate Spade as it has a cute print but also protects my baby!
2. SHOES! The same goes for your shoe collection! Make sure you have a wide assortment of options. For me that was about 55 options but whatever…. I always found myself wearing my trusty riding boots the majority of the time. You can dress them up or wear them with your leggings! Always make sure to have a durable pair of flats around as well, as they are perfect for your business casual needs. And of course, invest in a good pair of sneakers for those days when you are running all over campus or you know… if you do that strange thing called going to the gym!
3. FASHION! Now lets be honest, you’re going to bring everything you own, that’s just a given. But two pieces that I have found extremely helpful all these years is a hat and some form of a button down (my favorite is a chambray shirt!) I love the chambray shirt because you can wear it over your t-shirt to portray a more put together outfit rather than just looking like you fell out of bed (which you did). A hat is a given for those days where your brush or shower just isn’t happening! Try fun colors to really make it more of a statement rather than something you had to throw on! Lastly, get a great pair of sunglasses! Get some that are a more classic shape so you can wear them to multiple occasions!
4. MISCELLANEOUS! As a former college girl who still needs to have every single day planned out, an agenda is a must! My favorites are from Lilly Pulitzer and May Designs for all their bright prints! Headphones are an ultimate must! They will come in handy when you need to tune everything out for that hour you have left before your paper is due! A portable charger will be your life saver at some point in time. You don’t want to be that person who is locked out with a dead phone and can’t find a single person to help (it happens, trust me). And last but not least, a water bottle for everyday of your life because, HYDRATION!

Sandals For Spring!

We had a minor setback on Saturday with a light brush of snow flurries here in good ole Great Bridge, but Spring is here and I’m praying it stays! I’m ready to say goodbye to my trusty riding boots and say hello to flirty sandals! They are effortless, girly, and come in an unlimited amount of styles! Here are some of my top picks for this season that won’t make your bank account cry! (As you can see, I rarely stray from neutrals…)


1. DSW // 2. Target // 3. Charlotte Russe // 4. J. Crew Factory // 5. DSW // 6. Jack Rogers


What To Wear…

If you’re part of my family, what you wear to Christmas Eve Mass is kind of a huge deal! It has to be conservative enough for a catholic church, but stylish enough to be worthy of a family photo! So today I thought I would share with you all what I plan to wear! And they’re all pretty affordable, which is really great!

1.) The Dress! I chose to go with a emerald green, lace dress from H&M! The color is perfect for the holidays and it is fitted perfectly!

2.) The Tights! Remember those gold fleck tights I posted earlier? Well you guessed it, I will be incorporating those J.Crew beauties into my Christmas Eve attire to add the perfect amount of sparkle!

3.) The Shoes! I went with the perfect pair of black pumps to help elongate my short little legs! Since my tights have little details all over them, I though a classy black heal would be simple but gorgeous!

4.) The Jewelry! Of course I will be rocking my Alex and Ani collection, but the statement necklace is what I’m really looking forward to! It will be to perfect accessory to top my entire look off!

what i wore


Fall In Love!

It’s September, which is my favorite month of all time! It’s my birthday month, the start of fall, fashion is at it’s best, and the PSL is back!  So that means I need to do my September favorites for this month!  I don’t usually do these, but given that it’s my favorite month, I think it’s necessary! Here we go!

My first favorite, is obviously my birthday which was on the 5th! I turned the good ole’ 24 this year and I can’t wait to see what it brings me. 23 was a rough one, so I feel like I can only for up!


My next favorite is anything Maroon! I just feel that this is “THE” fall color!  In my opinion, it looks great on everyone! So if it’s maroon, I want it, need it, gotta have it!


My next favorite is pumpkins!!!  I feel like September is the month to start breaking out all your pumpkin decor and I love it!  Anything to do with pumpkins, I am completely obsessed! Pumpkin decor, pumpkin picking, PSL!! LOVE IT ALL!


Another fashion item that I am completely in LOVE with this month (and will probably continue for the next 7 months) are turban headbands!  My obsession with these come from 2 people and now I just can’t get enough!  The first person is Jessie James Decker! She makes them look so casual and effortless that I needed some of my own!  The next very unlikely person is actually my sweet little baby niece, Maren (or my sister Kelsey because she’s the one who dresses her) She just looks so precious in them that I need to buy so so we can have some Auntie-Niece twinning time!


My beauty favorite for this month is the no makeup-makeup trend!  The natural tones and dewy complexion just makes me so happy!  I was never a huge fan of the intense contouring or really bright and colorful make up that was going around this summer so I’m over the moon excited for this trend!


My last favorite for this month are going to be a few songs! The first is “I Don’t Dance” by Lee Brice and lets be real, it’s more of a lifetime favorite because I’ve loved it since the day it was released!  The next song is “Burnin’ It Down” by Jason Aldean, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to this song on repeat…. The next song is a cover by Chase Rice (feat. Macy Maloy) “Ride”! This has to be one of the sexiest versions of this song I’ve ever heard! Love it!  My last song for this list is “Waves” By Mr. Probz.  It plays at work all the time and it just feels so relaxing and makes me want to just take off for a day at the beach!


The Monday Struggle Bus!

T H E    M O N D A Y    S T R U G G L E    B U S . . .

So, it’s Monday again.  I swear the weekends go by with a blink of an eye.  Per usual, I didn’t accomplish half of the things I wanted to.  So since it’s Monday, I figured we could discuss something I enjoy, SHOES.  I love shoes.  All shoes.  Expensive, Sale, Sandal, Wedge, Heel, Boots, you name it and I want it.  I figured we could go over what different shoes on a Monday mean. LET’S GO!

First up, is the go to flat.  They are comfortable, stylish, and easy!  To me, they say, “I want to start the week off with the right attitude.  Practical for getting work done, yet still cute and sweet to make me feel I have my life together!”


Tory Burch – Reva Ballet Flat – $180

Next, is the unfavorable work shoe, the high heels.  I like to think of these as the over achiever shoe for a Monday back at the office.  Almost like you woke up this morning with high hopes that wearing your most stylish heels will help you get yourself on track for the week.  It always starts off great, until your boss decides that this is the day you need to run around town for networking (or at least that is my personal experience).  My advice is to save the heels for a later time in the week, when you have a better idea of what your days have in store for you!  Unless you’re just a boss and are one of those individual who can rock a heel every single day.  And if that’s the case, more power to you!


Charles by Charles David – Pact Pump – $98.95

Now we’re going to discuss the sandal.   For some, sandals aren’t really an option for the work place due to dress codes, but I’m actually allowed to wear them whenever and however I want.  Now personally, whenever I where sandals to work, it basically just means, ” I. DO. NOT. WANT. TO. BE. AT. THE. OFFICE.” I’m stuck in weekend mode and I’m in major denial that it’s the start of a new work week.  Remember Friday is a long way away + I’m ready to be back on the beach reading Gone Girl, but it’s still Monday…..


Jack Rogers – Lauren Sandal – $128

Next, booties!  I love booties because they make me feel like I’m really stylish and savvy, when really they’re just comfortable and allow me to get things done!


Nordstrom – BP Flexi Bootie – $49.96

And last but not least, the sneaker…. Which basically means you’re already over this day that you weren’t even willing to take off your yoga pants from the gym session you skipped this morning for a Panera Bagel. Don’t be ashamed, we all feel that way at some point in our lives.


Nike Running Shoes