DIY Valentine’s!

There’s something about Valentine’s Day that I’m simply drawn to. I can definitely say that now that I’m a little older I’ve started appreciating this holiday as not just a day to celebrate my guy and I, but to celebrate all the lovely relationships in my life! This year, I wanted to share some love with friends by making them some decorated mugs!

This DIY Valentine idea is SOOOO simple and easy that anyone can do it! It’s perfect for a coffee lover (like myself) or tea drinker! Here is what you’ll need!


All white mug // Oil based paint pens // Heart shaped sticker // oven

Since I had 4 roommates, I went to pier 1 and picked out some basic white mugs and made sure they clean before I started!


Take your heart shaped sticker (or whichever shape you’ve chosen) and place it to the desired area! This will act as your outline if you aren’t exactly great at free handing like myself!


Take you’re oil based paint pens and begin placing your dots around the heart. Make sure to place a heavy amount closest to the sticker and then fade out as you move away! I chose 2 colors but you can use 3. I wouldn’t do more than that as it make look to busy to the eye!


Once you’ve completed your designs, place your mugs in an oven preheated to 350 degrees and bake for about 30 minutes. Turn oven off and let mugs cool complete before taking them out! This way your friends will be able to wash them with ease!


And just like that, you have a fun, inexpensive gift for your girlfriends! Add some packets of tea or coffee and some candies to turn it into the perfect valentine!



Starry Eyed!

Stars are one of my major obsessions, something about them just feels so magical and positive!  I love incorporating them into my wardrobe but sometimes they came come off as a little bit childish. So here are some of my must have starry items to add to your everyday style that will keep you looking like the classy lady you are while adding a pop of whimsical fun at the same time! Enjoy!

Now this necklace is my absolute FAVORITE piece of the moment! It is a sparkling statement necklace that is quite the show stopper!


Loft- $49.50

If you didn’t know, I collect scarves and I thought this one was just the sweetest addition! I wear a lot of black to to my job and this just adds the perfect amount of cheeriness to my work attire!


American Eagle Outfitters- $29.50

I’m a sucker for elbow patches, and when they’re shaped like a star then I’m died and gone to heaven! This top is so sweet with this added detail!


ASOS- $170.55

What is an outfit without the perfect clutch? This one I found on Etsy is so adorable I can’t stand it! (It also comes in polka dots which obviously I can’t get enough of! Double Win!)


Annajoyce Etsy Shop- $72

Rounding out this starry list is the accessory we all carry around constantly! I have fallen hard for this phone case, I can not lie! It brings the right amount of sparkle without any touch of glitter which is AMAZING!


Brit + Co


Winter Love!

Is it just me, or is November just flying by? And the beautiful fall weather is going along with it! No body is more upset about this than I am, but I gotta say, I kinda love winter! The cold on your cheeks, the smell of burning wood, the frost on the grass, just love it! So I thought what a better time to share some of my favorite things that help me enjoy winter even more!


Nothing creates a more emotional response for me more than scent! Winter scents remind me of cuddling up, holiday fun, and childhood! Corny? Maybe. Enjoyable? Absolutely. Candles and mists are my choice to get the complete scent though out my space!  I really only purchase them from Victoria’s Secret & Bath and Body Works since I get an employee discount, but they also have the best products in my opinion!


Bath & Body Works- $22.50


(FAVORITE!!) Bath & Body Works- $22.50


Victoria’s Secret- $14


Flannels are life, period. they are warm, comfortable, and I actually think they are really cute! You can wear them during the day, to bed, or incorporate them in you bed, which is the best! Team flannel, all day everyday!


Shirt (Similar)- Charlotte Russe, Sheets- Target, PJ Set- Victoria’s Secret


Surprise, surprise, head wraps making it onto the list! I’m still crazy about these little things and it’s amazing how much joy they bring me! They are a great way to add a pop of color to your winter wardrobe while also keeping those delicate ears of yours nice and toasty! My favorite shop for these cute accessories is Monroe & Harlow, but there are many great and affordable places to purchase them!



Boots and Winter go together like peanut butter and jelly! there are so many kinds of boots for every wintery situation, it is beyond perfect!



Rainy Day Love Story

Most people don’t enjoy a rainy day, but I’m not most people! I love when it rains in the fall as it brings out the gorgeous colors in the leaves even more! It’s also an excuse to wear my favorite Hunters! My mom gave me the beauties last year after purchasing them from Nordstrom! They go with everything & add a touch of chic to they rest of you “stay dry” outfit!


The Red Cups Are Back In Town!

The red cups are back & I’m not talking about red solo cups!  I literally wait all year for this season to return and with the comeback of the Starbucks red cups is my all time favorite White Peppermint Mocha!  So I’m sorry for the super basic white girl post, but I’m so happy!  I think the real reason I love these little things so much is that it represents the beginning of the holiday season these days!  The holidays are the best time of year in my opinion Everything about this time of year feels warm, cozy, exciting, and involves everything family & friends! So, cheers everyone!


Hello November!

I hope you all had a blast this Halloween with all of the fun festivities! But let me be real, I was just waiting for it to be over with! That way I can begin preparation for my favorite holiday, THANKSGIVING!  I love a day that gives extra thanks for all the amazing people and experiences in our lives! So now that Halloween has passed, Hello November!


Play Date!

I had a surprise day off that tuned into a last minute nannying day for my little nephew Reed (the sweetest little man)!  I love getting to hangout with this little munchkin!  Family is so important to me and as one of the 2 newest members of the clan, I don’t want to miss a single opportunity to create memories with him! Here’s to many more surprise play dates with you Mister Reed!