My Road Trip Essentials!

Now believe me, I know a thing or two about taking a road trip. Throughout my college experience, I made the drive to Virginia Tech, Charlottesville and Virginia Beach about every other weekend! It’s crazy to think I was physically able to do that! But now that I have day to day responsibilities (I am not about being an adult anymore) I can really only handle one per month!

This weekend I am actually headed up to Charlottesville to see my one and only and visit some local vineyards and get a hiking trip in! I’m really excited to be back in that area as it is beautiful (except it doesn’t have a beach—major negative), but I am FARRRR from excited about that drive!  Yes, 3 hours really isn’t all that insane of a drive, but on your own it’s pretty blah! So I’ve put together some of the things I believe make a trip like this much more enjoyable!


1. Easy pullover to keep warm/cool. I go back and forth constantly during long trips with feeling like I’m either in the desert or the frozen tundra. Vineyard Vines Shep Shirts are the best in my opinion. They are lightweight, easy and get the job done!

2. Coffee. That is all.

3. A great tote bag. My bag of choice since my freshman year has been the Longchamp Le Pliage! You can seriously fit so much in that thing it feel like you are Mary Poppin’s! It’s a great way to keep all your belongings together incase you need to make a stop!

4. A car charger! I have no sense of direction and NEED google maps to direct me the entire way, FACT. And since I am also listening to music that tends to kill the battery so make sure you pack that charger!

5. A healthy snack. I don’t really like eating junk food on a road trip. It actually makes me feel uneasy with all the movement and what not. I really like picking up a fruit salad from Harris Teeter before I get not the road because it is filling and also refreshing!

6. And most importantly, don’t forget the company that will help you along the way. Music is what keeps me sane on long trips and I prefer to have my favorite country ladies by my side belting along as I sing lead!



Get The Look // Taylor Swift

We really can’t deny that Taylor Swift has been KILLING IT with her style these days! Whether she is on the red carpet or going to the grocery store, her outfits are always on point! So of course I had to do another look for less when it comes to this super casual but sleek look she rocked! It’s perfect for those chilly days that you have tons of errands to get done as it has lots of layers but isn’t too bulky as you move around.

Swift Street Style


I can’t be the only one over the “snow” already. In Virginia it isn’t even snow anymore, it’s completely frozen solid…(fun fact: I busted my butt straight on the snow and already have a bruise.) Well any who, today was the first day that I made my way out of the house and completely some errands which of course led me to Target. This has to be one of my favorite outfits. It is super comfy but still looks like I have my life together & haven’t been spending the past 4 days in bed watching Criminal Minds on Netflix!





Top- LOFT // Vest- Nordstrom // Leggings- Dottie Couture // Boots-Nordstrom // Necklace- World Market


A Bohemian Winter!

Recently, I have been really loving adding touches of bohemian chic to my wardrobe. Celebrities like Sienna Miller and Vanessa Hudgens have been rocking the boho look for years and know how to go all out or just have a slight boho vibe to their looks. I was recently on pinterest and found a photo of Sienna Miller looking so classic and cool that I had to try my own version of it!

Here is the image of the lovely Sienna that sparked my interest!






Dress-H&M // Vest-Delia’s // Necklace- World Market // Hat- Windsor // Boots- Nordstrom


Get The Look // Kristin Cavallari

I’ve mentioned it before, but Kristin Cavallari is my go to fashionista! She has a simplistic chicness to her look that I just really relate too! She never goes overboard with accessories and colors but isn’t afraid incorporate bold pieces!
I wanted to do a get the look for less because some of us can not afford the pricey designers that celebrities can but still want to rock the sam style! This is one of my favorite looks that she has worn in the past. It will be perfect for those winter days that aren’t as harsh in the cold temps!
8cfc6bb84789ef18dc0af76c4011f2ddBlack & White with a Pop

Spring Break Essentials!

This snow situation is make me long for spring weather! I personally do not get a spring break due to graduating college 2 years ago, but that doesn’t mean I can’t live vicariously through you all! Now I wasn’t one who went on crazy trips during my break but I did have a goal for things I wanted to get done! So here are 5 things that I enjoyed doing during my spring breaks and you possibly could too!

gone-girl-cover-_crown1.) Read a book that YOU want, not anything assigned for class. When I was in college I lost the desire to read due to all the chapters necessary for classes. So when I am given a time all to myself I really like to put myself back in a world where reading isn’t just about education but enjoyment!

Beach-picnic32.) Plan a day-date! There is nothing better than not having anything to do in the middle of the day! Take advantage of that! Plan a beach picnic with friends that includes a game of volleyball or corn hole! Anything that gets you out of the house and away from Netflix will work just fine!

taste3.) Eat at your favorite local restaurant. One that you can’t get anywhere else but at home! For me, it’s Taste Unlimited! I used to work there all through high school and it is the best place to get a gourmet sandwich! And sometimes they will still give me my employee discount depending on who’s working, so that’s always a plus!

550425_10151227569419686_2146824369_n4.) Having a family day! My family is everything, my biggest support system so of course I want a special day to just be with them. It doesn’t have to be anything extravagant, but just have everyone together under the same roof. I suggest a big of family game night to get the excitement going!

lazy5.) Spend an entire day in bed! Preferably one that is closest to the end of your break. When I was in college, I found that once spring break ended, school became crazy busy. So take a day to just be lazy. Watch that Vanderpump Rules Marathon, I don’t care!


A Frozen Virginia!

While it’s nowhere near the amount we got last year, we finally got our snow storm of the year here in Virginia! I’ve been off from work the past 4 days and still have 2 more to go + I’m pretty sure I’m losing my mind! My tiny little bug won’t get me far in these conditions which is really pushing me to go ahead and buy that jeep I’ve been meaning to get around to!

Anyway, I decided to venture out into my backyard and take some fun picks like I do every year! Everything was completely frozen over just like a particular Disney favorite of mine!