A Lucky Treat!

Here we go, another St. Patty’s Day Post. But are you really surprised, we all know I’m obsessed with anything holiday related! I found a photo on pinterest for inspiration and fell completely in love! These tasty little treats look so official I had to make them! It doesn’t hurt that it’s super simple as well!

I used my usual sugar cookie recipe as always! Once you’ve finished baking your cookies, let them cool completely!  Next step is to melt your choice of chocolate. I went with dark chocolate because it is my favorite and I love the bitter-sweet combo! Dip the left corner into the chocolate and place on wax paper. Now it’s time to embellish! Before the chocolate hardens, grab your sprinkle of choice and cover as desired! Place in freezer until chocolate hardens back up and you are all done!!



It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like…. Thanksgiving!

I had the day off today and since I was feeling a little better, I wanted to get creative and make some festive cookies!  I guess you could call it a little practice session for the family Christmas Cookie Competition!  I actually used the little pie cut outs I will be using for our Thanksgiving Pies.  The shapes include different kinds of leaves, apples, and acorns!  I used my moms sugar cookie recipe, but you all can use your favorite and it will work just the same.  I only baked them for about 2 minutes since they are so small and I also prefer my cookies on the softer side!