I’m Dreaming of a Basic Fall!

Now I know this may come as a shock to y’all, but I enjoy a very, very, very basic fall season. All jokes aside, I really can’t wait to break out all my favorites and just be a basic betty and enjoy my favorite season the way it was intended with warm tones, layers, and pumpkin everything! I’m sure y’all also have your favorite fall staples and I would love to hear them (mainly so I can add them to my collection!) Here are my main pieces and a breakdown of each explaining why I can’t live without them no matter how hard I try!
I'm Dreaming of a Basic Fall!
1. J. Crew Excursion Vest! It doesn’t have to be from J.Crew but I find that these vests are very long lasting! I love this look for fall because in Virginia, it technically isn’t cold enough for a full winter coat on most days but provides the perfect opportunity for layering. It really comes in handy for football games when there is a breeze but too crowded for anything bulky!
2. Bean Boots! I’m going to be honest with you, I’m really not the biggest fan of the look of bean boots, but they really are a necessity! I got my first pair when I was a freshman in High School and they lasted me all those 4 years plus another 4 while at college! If you do a lot of walking outside to get from class to class in rain, snow, mud, basically anything unpleasant, these will be your saving grace for sure!
3. Hunter Boots! A boot that I’m definitely a fan of are these! The sleek all-black glossy pair are my all time favorites! You can where them anytime as they go with anything and provide protecting incase the weather does indeed take a turn. You can dress them up or down which makes them a perfect choice!
4. Longchamp Le Pliage! This isn’t its first time making an appearance on my blog and it most certainly won’t be its last! I feel like I am this brands #1 fan at this point! These bags are just the perfect addition for your collection as they are very practical, but simple and chic! I say go with a bold color like red for the fall season to add some pop to your looks!
5. Blanket Scarves! These tartan scarves have been everywhere the last couple of years and they aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. That’s because they are in the best fall print imaginable, TARTAN!
6. Gold Statement Necklace! It’s funny because I used to absolutely despise anything gold and now I want it everywhere! I had been really big on the statement coin necklaces last fall, like I have 6 in silver, and think it’s time to add a gold one to the mix!
7. Urban Decay Naked 3 Palette! This is by far my favorite of all the palettes because of all the rose gold tones! They are warmer shades which definitely work for the fall and my complexion which is very important!
8. Dark Polish! Nude nails are still hands down my go to, but recently I have been loving a darker, more sultry nail and it’s probably because it’s almost September which means fall is almost here!
9. Pumpkin Spice Latte! You know why. Pumpkin Spice is life!

Must Have Jewels!

So it’s the new year and I already have my eyes set on some select items that sparkle + shine! Jewelry can make or break an outfit + it’s always a good idea to collect those pieces that will look great not only now, but down the road as well. Here are a few of the jewels that I will be sure to purchase this year!


Kendra Scott ‘Morgan’ Stud Earring $55


Kendra Scott Catherine Necklace in Iridescent Drusy $65


Bauble Bar Gold Tassel Bracelet $34


Anthropologie Archer’s Arrow Necklace $48


ILY Couture Coin Necklace $26


David Yurman ‘X Crossover’ Ring $295


Holiday Glitz!

It’s that special time of year with the best parties around, TACKY CHRISTMAS PARTIES!! Now whether you are attending a traditional Tacky Christmas Sweater Party or just a Tacky Christmas Party, my favorite accessory to dress up your outfit is the perfect headband! When I was in college my head band consisted of being wrapped up in festive ribbon with a larger than life christmas bow hot glued to the side. It was a wonderful look, just check it out below!


However, this year I wanted something a little more glitzy and glamourous!  So what that’s where the gold and stars come in! Here is how I put together a fun, festive, sparkling holiday headband!

First, take some gold glitter paper.  I purchased mine at Michaels for about a $1.50.  I love this paper because it saves you from the frustrating mess that comes with loose glitter. Also grab a star cut out to make sure you have the perfect star every time.  I purchased is at Michael’s as well for about $10!


You’re going to want to cut our several pieces and glue them together so that the glitter shows on both sides.


Now I took and old basic black headband and wrapped it up in gold garland for extra sparkle. Then lined the top with a few stars to create a mini tiara look.


Now you will need thin bracelet wire (can find at Michael’s in the jewelry section for $3.50) and some scissors. You’ll want to cut the wire in to small, medium, and large sections, with multiple of each!



Take your remaining stars and use hot glue to attach them to the tops of the wires so they look like mini fairytale wands straight out of a disney princess movie!


Wrap them around your headband so that there are multiple tiers of stars. Remember that you don’t want it to be too perfect. It feels more magical when not every little detail is in place!


And bibbity bobbity boo…… you have the perfect holiday headband full of glitz and glam! Add some fun gold garland and you’re all set!


A Big Golden Day!

With the colder days approaching, there is nothing like warming up your big day than with the color gold.  It is glamourous, chic, and dazzling! Whether you choose to go with yellow gold or a more rose gold route (my favorite) it is sure to make a statement that your guests won’t be able to forget! What I love about this trend….. gold, sequined table linens! The texture is amazing and the sparkle will just pick up beautifully in your  photos! LOVE!


Floppy Hats + Boyfriend Watches

The looks that I’m crazy about these days are floppy hats + boyfriend watches.  I’m not quite sure what it is about them, but i can’t stop searching for them! They look so effortless while still giving off that, “Too chic for you,” vibe! Here is a little more details as to why I am so obsessed with these looks!

First, the floppy hat. This look can look amazing on really anyone, you just have to feel that you are rocking it. I loved floppy hats at the beach during the some and the fact that it is transitioning into the fall + winter season, I’m just in love. However, I’m having a very difficult time finding the perfect one! I’ve seen some at target but they just aren’t giving me that “NEED TO HAVE IT NOW” feeling.  I also saw one online at H&M but since I’m not able to try it on, I’m afraid it may be to large and not cute…. Any recommendations?


Next are the Boyfriend Watches. I’ve always loved these. I’ve have three or four and just think there are so versatile.  In my opinion, they make a women look more feminine and strong. I don’t know, maybe that’s just me.  They definitely make for a statement piece. Add some fun, delicate bracelets to make it pop event more and you’ll be sure to dazzle!


Room Tour!

Happy Saturday! Recently, a lot of my friends have been telling me that I need to do a room tour, so I decided to go with it!  Most of the stores that are my go to for decor are Pottery Barn (duhh), Home Goods, Pier 1, T.J. Maxx! I’ll try to list wear I purchased some of my favorite items! I’m always open to suggestions as I change up my room all the time while sticking with this same style!

My favorite part of my room is my bed, but isn’t everyones?  I’m actually not really sure where the bed frame is from.  It was a piece that my parents purchased and I basically just took from them…. But anyways, the white bedding is from West Elm and the faux fur throw is form Pottery Barn! They’re super cozy and I die every time I climb into bed for the night!


My pillows are a new addition and I’m obsessed!  They’re all from Pottery Barn from their labor day sale that my mom, sisters, and I went crazy at! They used to be other pillow covers from Pottery Barn that were a bright green from my college apartment days, but I just got really tired of them once I graduated.


I love love love this sequined pillows!  I’m really into this design lately and I’m trying to be careful not to get too much of it! I just bought a grey and white rug from At Home but haven’t put it out yet and used to have a comforter with the same design and it was A LOT. That’s one of the main reasons I purchased my site comforter along with the fact that it really brightens up my room.


These next pillows are just life.  I can’t get enough of faux fur, especially as the weather is starting to get a little cooler.  They really make my bed and room feel so cozy and warm.


Next is my bedside table. I change this up almost every other day, but I really like how it looks currently.  This mirror won’t be in this spot for long as I’m planning on purchasing a much bigger one that ‘s a tad bit fancier (got make those mirror pics look good you know…)


The actual table itself is from Home Goods and it has a really rustic feel.  The lantern, which I’m really into for decor, is from Pier 1 along with the branches. I actually made the two vases.  One of them is a wine bottle covered with with marbles, which was my go to for decor in college.  Literally, I had them everywhere.  The other one is actually one of about 20 that I made for one of my sisters baby shower centerpieces and decided to keep in my room. I love them with the hydrangeas from my bouquets from last weekends wedding.


Now it’s time for my dressers! Honestly, these pieces have been in life since I was born and are probably antiques from one of my parents many shopping trips.  My sister stained them this darker color a few years ago and made them look so much better. My favorite part about this is my jewelry box from Pottery Barn. This photo doesn’t even really show how beautiful it is.  It is very shiny and classic, just really stunning.  This rustic frame is from target and again , I made the vases from recycled wine bottles.


My necklace holder is another piece that I made about a year ago and I’m still amazed by how much I love it to this day.  I did a tutorial on it but might do another!


My other dresser also has my typical recycled wine bottle crafts.  This frame is from T.J. Maxx, and the hurricane and vase fillers are from Pier 1.


Now here is my desk, nothing really all that exciting.  I like to keep some of my favorite books out because it just puts me in a better mood. The lame is from home goods and the only thing I really don’t like about it is that I can’t fill it with any vase fillers for holiday time. But other than that I think it’s really cute. The star basket is one of my favorites. It’s just really different, and to be honest, I bought it around the 4th of July and it made me feel really patriotic. I know, I’m weird.


This tray was one that I had to hunt down.  I had seen it at target months before but for some reason just decided I didn’t need it. I immediately regretted that because it was all I could think about from then on. And of course when I went back it was gone. They randomly put one out a couple weeks later for about $60 and i had to have it.  But luckily for me, the cashier rang it up incorrectly and I only had to pay $9 for it, so WINNING.


And last, but not least, is what I think is the best feature in my room.  The se built in shelves are so perfect for storage with out taking up any floor space!


Fall In Love!

It’s September, which is my favorite month of all time! It’s my birthday month, the start of fall, fashion is at it’s best, and the PSL is back!  So that means I need to do my September favorites for this month!  I don’t usually do these, but given that it’s my favorite month, I think it’s necessary! Here we go!

My first favorite, is obviously my birthday which was on the 5th! I turned the good ole’ 24 this year and I can’t wait to see what it brings me. 23 was a rough one, so I feel like I can only for up!


My next favorite is anything Maroon! I just feel that this is “THE” fall color!  In my opinion, it looks great on everyone! So if it’s maroon, I want it, need it, gotta have it!


My next favorite is pumpkins!!!  I feel like September is the month to start breaking out all your pumpkin decor and I love it!  Anything to do with pumpkins, I am completely obsessed! Pumpkin decor, pumpkin picking, PSL!! LOVE IT ALL!


Another fashion item that I am completely in LOVE with this month (and will probably continue for the next 7 months) are turban headbands!  My obsession with these come from 2 people and now I just can’t get enough!  The first person is Jessie James Decker! She makes them look so casual and effortless that I needed some of my own!  The next very unlikely person is actually my sweet little baby niece, Maren (or my sister Kelsey because she’s the one who dresses her) She just looks so precious in them that I need to buy so so we can have some Auntie-Niece twinning time!


My beauty favorite for this month is the no makeup-makeup trend!  The natural tones and dewy complexion just makes me so happy!  I was never a huge fan of the intense contouring or really bright and colorful make up that was going around this summer so I’m over the moon excited for this trend!


My last favorite for this month are going to be a few songs! The first is “I Don’t Dance” by Lee Brice and lets be real, it’s more of a lifetime favorite because I’ve loved it since the day it was released!  The next song is “Burnin’ It Down” by Jason Aldean, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve listened to this song on repeat…. The next song is a cover by Chase Rice (feat. Macy Maloy) “Ride”! This has to be one of the sexiest versions of this song I’ve ever heard! Love it!  My last song for this list is “Waves” By Mr. Probz.  It plays at work all the time and it just feels so relaxing and makes me want to just take off for a day at the beach!