Workout Inspiration!

Am I the only one who needs cute workout attire to actually put me in the mood to hit the gym? I feel like when you have items that make you look put together and like you know what you’re doing, it makes you feel more confident while working out! So I decided to share some of my top go-to picks that really put me in the gym spirit! LETS GO!


1.) These yoga leggings from the Victoria’s Secret VSX Collection are a life saver! I actually received them as a gratis (yay for job perks!) and fell in love immediately! They are thick so you can’t see through them while you’re in those awkward positions, but thin enough to still breathe and not over heat!

2.) I go through earbuds like its my job, but I found these ones while shopping on Swoozie’s and had to have them! They just take a basic earbud and make them exciting!

3.) Another one of my favorites from Victoria’s Secret is the Angel Sports Bra! It is super light so you won’t feel bulky but has an underwire and light padding to still keep you lifted and give you some shape!

4.) I know I’m not the only basic chick out there that has a sweet spot for Lululemon! All of their workout gear is so stylish that you can wear it in your everyday look.  I really like this top in particular, because it shows off the details of a fun sports bra while also allowing air through, you won’t over heat and get drenched in sweat which tends to happen in the gym!

5.) So ever since college, I have to have my own yoga mat… After taking  a class at school + using the community mats I told myself, “NEVER AGAIN!” Lululemon has a ton of great colors including this purple one which just happens to be my favorite color!

6.) Camelbak water bottles are LIFE SAVERS!!! They are super compact and I love that they have a straw to make it convenient while your running!

7.) And of course Nike Frees are on the list! I love this shoes because they are lightweight, comfortable, and come in so many colors that you can customize! Definitely worth it!



Get Healthy With Me!

Alright people, January was all about getting my diet back on track and it has been a success! I have avoided fast food and sugary everything (except for Superbowl Sunday, that doesn’t count though, right?) and have been making sure to eat balanced meals everyday! It may sound like a stretch, but starting your morning with a healthy green shake really helps to make sure you stay strong throughout the entire day!

Now that I have my diet down, it’s time to set a workout routine for a “Fit February!!” So I went ahead and made a calendar to guide what I will be focusing on day-to-day for the month of February!


If you’re like me, when there is something to cross off on a list, you need to do it! Nothing makes me feel accomplished like crossing off everything I had planned on doing! So putting your workout on a calendar is a great way to make sure it gets done! What are some of your go to exercises to get ready for those summer days?