Life Update!

It’s pretty much been a lifetime (or at least feels like it) since I’ve posted on here, so I thought it would be a perfect chance to do a quick, little life update! Here’s what I’ve been up to the last couple of months!


First off, I’m coming up on my 1 year anniversary of being a resident of Charlottesville, Va! How did this happen? And with that, I’m also moving out of my very first apartment which is beyond exciting (I can’t stand my neighbors) and crazy depressing (it’s my FIRST apartment)! I can’t wait to have a little more space, a shorter drive to work, and be closer to all my favorite shops and restaurants! But I will definitely miss this studio apartment of mine for sure.

On to some other life events, Joey & I each celebrated another birthday! This year had to be my favorite, as I was able to spend the weekend back home with a bunch of family at a Zac Brown Band concert! So good! It was just a much needed, relaxing trip where I got to see some of my favorite people! I then got to follow it up with a lovely day of sunflower picking, which was probably the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen!

Now for probably my favorite thing to happen in the last couple of months, I’m an Auntie to yet another adorable nephew! He is just the sweetest thing and it’s so hard not getting to see him everyday!

And for the more uneventful updates, Fall is back, so it’s no surprise that I’ve been taking advantage of it ever since October hit. From apple picking and pie making, to PSL’s and oversized sweaters, I’m a happy camper! And it’s all being documented on Instagram of course!



Fall Photoshoot!

While fall is sadly coming to an end, I thought it would be a great idea for Joey and I to get some professional photos taken (not ones where we are at our fake wedding) since our lives have changed so much since our college days and continuing so!

So I called up my very talented sister, Katie, of Katie Powers Photography to capture a few shots of us while we were still in the prettiest season of them all!








The Details of Fall!

If you haven’t figured out by now from my unlimited comments about how amazing fall is, it’s my favorite season!  Everything is just better in the fall. The activities, the food, the colors, the smells, and the fashion (especially the fashion)!! I thought it would be fun to share my favorite fall details that really help to make your outfit feel more cozy to fit in with the fall season. So here we go!


1. My favorite thing about fall are all the sweaters and cardigans. Layering naturally adds a coziness to your everyday look and just makes you want to cuddle up next to a fire and drink some cider. My favorites these past few season have been anything with a big aztec print. It just adds a little character to your outfit!

2. Tassel booties have been EVERYWHERE this summer and they are definitely going to be a staple for the fall. I love having a little something playful at the feet for a little something extra you wouldn’t expect!

3. HATS! I am all about hats. Beanies are the best in my opinion because they have such a cool and easy-going feel that pulls your whole look together. But I am also really loving wide-brim, felt hats this year. They just really feel like a statement piece that can also cover up a bad hair day.

4. Speaking of hair, this is going to be a major surprise for you, like Huge! I am still rocking braids for fall! All jokes aside, braids add a lot of texture and depth to not only your hair, but your overall look. And as you can tell, those two things are a major factor for fall style. Braids can act as an art piece, so even if you keep your looks simple, they add the wow factor!

5. It wouldn’t be fall if it didn’t include a chunky knit scarf. They are full, cozy, and so so so soft. I usually get mine in creams, olives, and maroons because those are pretty neutral colors for the season and will go with anything!

6. Flannels and Vests, my go to outfit for fall.  Flannels not only have a cozy texture, but they are a great way to bring in lots of color your outfit of the day. And layering a basic puffer vest in a solid color helps to tone it down but also creating a very put together look.


What To Wear…

If you’re part of my family, what you wear to Christmas Eve Mass is kind of a huge deal! It has to be conservative enough for a catholic church, but stylish enough to be worthy of a family photo! So today I thought I would share with you all what I plan to wear! And they’re all pretty affordable, which is really great!

1.) The Dress! I chose to go with a emerald green, lace dress from H&M! The color is perfect for the holidays and it is fitted perfectly!

2.) The Tights! Remember those gold fleck tights I posted earlier? Well you guessed it, I will be incorporating those J.Crew beauties into my Christmas Eve attire to add the perfect amount of sparkle!

3.) The Shoes! I went with the perfect pair of black pumps to help elongate my short little legs! Since my tights have little details all over them, I though a classy black heal would be simple but gorgeous!

4.) The Jewelry! Of course I will be rocking my Alex and Ani collection, but the statement necklace is what I’m really looking forward to! It will be to perfect accessory to top my entire look off!

what i wore


Turkey Day Tablescape!

And just like that, my favorite holiday has come and gone! I hope you all had and AMAZING Thanksgiving and Black Friday! My family, as usual, got really into the decorations this year and I thought I would share with you all the really fun place cards I created from scratch! I saw the gold wishbone place card holders on pinterest, and decided I need to make some of my own!

What you’ll need is wax paper, air-dry clay, gold spray paint, and cookie sheet (optional)!

IMG_3899What you’ll need to do first, is roll your clay into a ball. Then split it in half and roll each half into a snake.


Take the tops of each half and wrap them together. Form it into a rectangular shape. Then take the ends of each half and squish them together with you thumbs to make them flat and round!


Place your wishbones on a sheet of wax paper to dry overnight.  Make sure to make a slit at the top of the wishbone with a knife for the place card to sit in!


Now take some metallic gold spray paint and go to town! Cover top, bottom, and sides!


And you’re all done!  I fell in love with how they all turned out! They really brought the whole tablescape together with a super holiday feel!







Take Me Downtown!

I’m so excited! I’m lucky enough to have a photographer for a sister who just happens to love to do random photoshoots with me! Last month she wanted to take a few in Downtown Norfolk!  I’m so excited, because I finally got a few back and I love them!  It’s so fun to see how her style has changed over the past 6 years!  You all should definitely check her out at Katie Powers Photography!















So this is going to be a pretty short & last minute post, but I just purchased a few of these tights from J.Crew and I’m in love! I received so many compliments while I was running errands and reviews on social media!! I think I might want to do a more in depth post on how to dress them up and down! Tell me what you think!