Power Snacks!

If you’re like me, then you’re probably in panic mode right now realizing the weather is warming up and swim suit season is coming! For the most part, I try to eat as healthy as possible as well as staying active throughout the day. And like most individuals, I tend to slack on both of those during the winter, also known as the holiday season!

But now that spring has crept its way back to us, I find myself pushing myself a little harder during workouts and and trying my hardest to not indulge in the foods that make my cravings happy! With that said, I sometimes can feel myself feeling tired & low on energy. So I’ve put together some of my favorite “Power Snacks” that keep me satisfied throughout the day and prep me for my afternoon workout!


1.  BANANAS & PEANUT BUTTER | These have been my favorite snack since the very first time I had them as a baby! They provide the perfect amount of sweetness, the good kind of sugar, and the all natural peanut butter provides protein to keep your energy up!

2.  FRUIT SMOOTHIE | I prefer smoothies to juices because the fill me up more and give a lot more energy in my opinion. My go to right now is peaches, bananas, kale, spinach, chia seeds, and water and it tastes delicious!

3. BELL PEPPERS & HUMMUS | This is a quick last minute snack that I like to keep with me incase I didn’t have time to make the best lunch during my morning schedule. All you have to do to prep is slice the peppers, hummus containers come in travel sizes with makes my life a lot easier.

4.  DARK CHOCOLATE ALMONDS | I think the biggest struggle a lot of people have when trying to eat healthy are the sweets cravings. This snack helps maintain those cravings with the dark chocolate, which is good for your heart when consumed in moderation!

5.  AVOCADO TOAST | Another quick and easy snack that doesn’t require a lot of ingredients. Just sprinkle with pepper and it’s good to go!



Fit February!

1 Month down, another to go! I did pretty well on my January fitness goals, however the weather made my running routine rather difficult! The temperatures in the teens and with 3 feet of snow on the ground I wasn’t exactly putting on my running shoes. But to be fair, I did go out in the snow for walks, sledding & lets be real, putting on all those layers and snow suits is a workout in itself!

So when making this months schedule, I put the weather into account and decided this month will be the time of workout videos. I’ve always loved working out at home and I love having a video to watch that shows me how to properly do the movements and steps. My favorites are Tracy Anderson and Jillian Michaels because the really push you! Another thing I’m excited about is that there is a treadmill studio opening up in my area this month. They have numerous classes and routines to keep you motivated so I can’t wait to try it!



Get Healthy With Me!

Alright people, January was all about getting my diet back on track and it has been a success! I have avoided fast food and sugary everything (except for Superbowl Sunday, that doesn’t count though, right?) and have been making sure to eat balanced meals everyday! It may sound like a stretch, but starting your morning with a healthy green shake really helps to make sure you stay strong throughout the entire day!

Now that I have my diet down, it’s time to set a workout routine for a “Fit February!!” So I went ahead and made a calendar to guide what I will be focusing on day-to-day for the month of February!


If you’re like me, when there is something to cross off on a list, you need to do it! Nothing makes me feel accomplished like crossing off everything I had planned on doing! So putting your workout on a calendar is a great way to make sure it gets done! What are some of your go to exercises to get ready for those summer days?


2015, A New Start!

Here we are, the day before the new year! It’s crazy to think how fast 2014 went and it makes me a tad bit sad, but all that more excited to make this next year the best one yet! So obviously, with a new year comes all the new years resolutions and promises we make to hopefully make a change in our life. But honestly, how many of us actually stick to these goals? And if you’re anything at all like me, your resolutions are very broad, with no backing to really stick too…. Be healthier, workout more, etc. This year, it WILL be different!

This year I’ve chosen a few resolutions that all go along with each other. I have decided to start living a cleaner, active, more productive life. You can’t have one of these without the other! So, now I’m going to go a little more in detail with what I plan to do for each!

1.) A Cleaner Lifestyle!

So what I basically plan to do with this step is learn how to cook. I want to start making my own real meals! To keep it straight with you all, unless it just involves boiling water, I have no idea how to cook. I can bake anything, but cooking is not a top skill for me! I want to start making healthy, clean, amazing meals from scratch to really just take control of my inner self! I will be enlisting the help from my new book, ONE POT, which I received for christmas from my parents! I really suggest you all pick up a copy and try it for yourself! I seriously can’t wait to start!


2.) Keeping Active!

I will be the first to admit that ever since I left college and didn’t have the perfect gym right around the corner from my apartment, I’ve let myself go in terms of physical fitness! I do get random moments where all I want to do is run but eventually that goes away. This year, I want to try doing something different everything week. Whether it be beating my running time, yoga, going to a pure barre class, or spin class! And I feel like now that I’ve shared this on my blog, I have no excuse but to keep it up! Which leads me to my next goal…


3.) Productivity Is Key!

With these changes, I want to chronicle them as I go. I feel like it would be a great way for me to make sure I keep up with these goals I set for myself, but also inspire you all to do the same! I plan on posting “My Meal of the Week” as long as a “Making Moves” post to share how I’m keeping active!