A Lilly Wedding!

LOVE EVERYTHING LILLY PULITZER!  There’s really nothing better than having 2 of my favorite things, weddings + Lilly Pulitzer, come together! A Lilly themed event would be filled with tons of, color, prints, fun and people who know how to have a great time! Don’t miss out!



The Plum Palate!

Out of all the colors in the world, purple is definitely my top pick as a favorite!  It doesn’t matter which hue it may be, I’m bound to love it automatically.  With Fall weather approaching rapidly, my favorite hue of purple is about to be everywhere!  Plum to me, is the perfect shade.  It looks great on basically any skin tone, it feels romantic, looks chic yet still warm and cozy!  Check out some of my top favorite times featured in this lovely shade!