Gift Guide for Your Guy!

Buying gifts that special guy in your life can be a fun and sweet experience, unless you happen to have a guy like mine. You know the type, the ones who can never think of what they want or say they will love anything as long as it’s from you. Sure the words are nice but having absolutely no guidelines to lead you in the right direction can be very difficult. So when it comes to my boyfriend, I like to stick to majority of “safe” gifts with one wild card thrown into the mix!

If you know your guys style down to a science, then clothing can be a great option. Especially if you are trying to update his wardrobe from beer logo tees to a more adult collection….. my life. 1.) A classic flannel is perfect for that guy transitioning into the more adult phase of his life. It’s more sophisticated than a free concert tee but not as stuffy as a classic button down. Perfect for those fall/winter bar nights. 2.) Throw in the perfect beanie and he will look pulled together. I’m a sucker for a guy in a flannel & beanie, especially if he’s already mine!

3.)If you are interested in giving more investment pieces, try a great pair of boots that will last a long time or a 4.) watch that can be dressed up or down! I’m a huge fan of the options at Fossil.  I gave my boyfriend one of theirs last year and it was affordable and great quality!

Now for the wild card, 5.) if you want to give a big gift that you thing he will really use, try a GoPro! It a wonderful gift that will allow him to capture all the fun moments of his life whether he’s really into playing sports, traveling, or being artsy. It will also be fun for you to see what he puts together! 6.) Speaking of traveling & being active, a great piece of luggage can be a great gift as well. It shows that you want him to venture out more and explore what interests him.

Wish List for Him

Holiday Glitz!

It’s that special time of year with the best parties around, TACKY CHRISTMAS PARTIES!! Now whether you are attending a traditional Tacky Christmas Sweater Party or just a Tacky Christmas Party, my favorite accessory to dress up your outfit is the perfect headband! When I was in college my head band consisted of being wrapped up in festive ribbon with a larger than life christmas bow hot glued to the side. It was a wonderful look, just check it out below!


However, this year I wanted something a little more glitzy and glamourous!  So what that’s where the gold and stars come in! Here is how I put together a fun, festive, sparkling holiday headband!

First, take some gold glitter paper.  I purchased mine at Michaels for about a $1.50.  I love this paper because it saves you from the frustrating mess that comes with loose glitter. Also grab a star cut out to make sure you have the perfect star every time.  I purchased is at Michael’s as well for about $10!


You’re going to want to cut our several pieces and glue them together so that the glitter shows on both sides.


Now I took and old basic black headband and wrapped it up in gold garland for extra sparkle. Then lined the top with a few stars to create a mini tiara look.


Now you will need thin bracelet wire (can find at Michael’s in the jewelry section for $3.50) and some scissors. You’ll want to cut the wire in to small, medium, and large sections, with multiple of each!



Take your remaining stars and use hot glue to attach them to the tops of the wires so they look like mini fairytale wands straight out of a disney princess movie!


Wrap them around your headband so that there are multiple tiers of stars. Remember that you don’t want it to be too perfect. It feels more magical when not every little detail is in place!


And bibbity bobbity boo…… you have the perfect holiday headband full of glitz and glam! Add some fun gold garland and you’re all set!


The Freckled Fox!

What does the fox say? He says he loves this shirt from Anthropologie!  I didn’t get that much this Black Friday, mainly due to the fact I worked the majority of the day!  But my mom and I definitely found a way to make it over to Anthro! They had 25% off and we definitely took advantage of it!  This has to be my favorite thing I purchased that day!  I’ve always loved foxes, probably because we share a love for red hair!

I’ve seen a lot of people wearing those sweaters with the giant foxes on the front and I’m just not a fan. They seem almost costume like. So when I saw this, I had to have it! I almost wish I would’ve found this before thanksgiving so I could’ve worn it that day. There’s always next year I guess!




Take Me Downtown!

I’m so excited! I’m lucky enough to have a photographer for a sister who just happens to love to do random photoshoots with me! Last month she wanted to take a few in Downtown Norfolk!  I’m so excited, because I finally got a few back and I love them!  It’s so fun to see how her style has changed over the past 6 years!  You all should definitely check her out at Katie Powers Photography!














Colonial Inspiration!

Living in Virginia, my family made many trips to Colonial Williamsburg! It is so much fun being transported back in time and learning all about how it was back in the day. Our favorite time of year to go is during the holiday season so we can see how they decorate all the historical buildings, such as the Governor’s Palace! We fell in love and were inspired to bring it back to Great Bridge!


Now we have this whole process down to a science after doing it for so many years. So I thought it would be nice to give you all step by step instructions for how to complete this look! First, what you need is:

– 1 plank of wood cut into a half circle for over your front door

– 5 (or however many window you would like, we just do our second floor) planks of wood cut into crescent moons.

– Wire for back of wood cut outs

– Lots and lots of nails

-6 bags of red apples

-1 pineapple

– 1 pomegranate

– Magnolia Leaves

-Boxwood Branches

-Preservative Spray

First off, place nails where you would like your fruit to be. We found that if you layer the nails for each piece of fruit, they are more likely to stay!


Next, staple the magnolia leaves all around the edges of the planks of wood so they stick out.


Shout to to my parents (the real pros) for helping make this as quick & easy as possible!


Next, place your pineapple in the very center.  Try to angle the nails upwards to make sure the fruit is more secure! (Optional: If you feel the pineapple isn’t stable enough, use a black zip tie around the stem.)


Then add the pomegranate to the bottom of the pineapple! Be careful with this process because the pomegranate can start to leak causing a huge mess, so beware!


Then all you have to do is place your apples! Makes sure they apples are in the best conditions. Placing a rotten apple with the others will cause the others to go bad faster.


The final touch is to add the Boxwood Branches for the garnish! This was actually my dads idea.  He loves this stuff and it really was a beautiful touch!  Once everything is placed, take your preservative spray and spray it all over all the pieces! Let sit for about 35 minutes to dry. Then you will be good to go for hanging up your new outdoor, holiday decor!


So Unfortunately, out of nowhere, the sky turned dark and it started raining so I didn’t get to take any pictures of the final product placed on the house 😦 But do not worry, there will be plenty of photos from Thanksgiving! I love how these turned out!  You can add more color as well. Some years we add lemon and limes to add an extra pop!


Black Friday Rules: As Told By a Retail Employee!

Hi Everyone!  So this is going to be a different kind of post today! The holidays are in full swing, Thanksgiving is next week and Black Friday is comes immediately after! Who doesn’t love all those amazing sales, the Holiday music, and the caffeine rush!

Now Black Friday is a crazy day in the retail world! Like, INSANE!! And with everything going on that day I feel like people tend to forget that retail employees are people too & start to treat them in a less that polite fashion. This will be my 8th Black Friday working and to be honest, I’m still not ready. You never can be. That’s just how it is. So I thought this would be a great time to give some advice from a non shopper to really help you realize that your GWP (Gift With Purchase) really isn’t worth you creating a scene over!



I get it, you woke up “insanely” early to stand in that line, rush through the doors, and grab everything before the person next to you all in the name of savings. That’s cool, not judging you. I’m sure you’re tired. That doesn’t’ justify you giving an attitude the workers though.  Just remember that when you make a sarcastic comment to a sales associate who is trying to not only help you out, but everyone else in the store, because you are “so tired”, that person actually never even got to go to sleep. They probably had to sleep during all the Thanksgiving excitement just to make sure they could get to work on time while you got to spend that same time with your loved ones. Just saying.



For everything that is good in this world, do NOT come up to a sales associate and complain about how “Last years sale was much better than this”…..We really don’t care because there is literally nothing we can do to change it. Sorry, that’s it. And I’m almost positive you probably made that same statement last year. It is what it is.


I have three words for you all, WHILE. SUPPLIES. LAST. If a store opens at 12am on Black Friday, don’t walk in at 6pm and get upset that we no longer have that sparkly free tote with a $65 purchase. Because to be completely honest with you, we ran out right around 5am and that’s being generous. Again, I’m sorry. And no, we are not getting anymore in stock. #bye.


Of course there’s a long line, it’s BLACK FRIDAY! Everyone and their mother is out trying to get gifts at the most reasonable price!  The cashiers aren’t moving too slow, they’re actually probably moving faster than they ever have before. You try ringing up, de-sensoring, taking payment, wrapping up, getting all receipts, doing price adjustments, gift wrapping, and manually logging in discounts (because out of all the days for the system not to work, it would be this day) and see how fast you can do it 300 times in a row. Oh and let’s not forget the having to explain in the calmest of ways why the store no longer has an item and having to call other stores to check even though you know they’re all out as well…. So when you get up to your cashier, don’t give a little snarky remark about the wait because they have probably been standing in that same spot for hours with no break, while you can actually leave whenever you want.

And if you’re not a fan of lines, there is this AMAZING thing known as Cyber Monday, which is what all the sales associates that worked Black Friday will be participating in. Problem solved.



Now I’m not including this because I am feeling salty, but I think it’s a little inconsiderate that companies have decided to open up on Thanksgiving Day. Especially since the individuals who decided this aren’t the one’s who actually have to do it. I get it, it’s too late to do anything about it this year and I will be at my store, standing there with a smile at 6pm on Thanksgiving day ready to help you the best way I can, as always. However, I says this in the nicest of ways, don’t come.  Thanksgiving is about family. It is about taking a day of rest and appreciating all the amazing gifts, big or small, seen or unseen, that you have in your life. Spend it with your loved ones, and don’t turn it into another day dedicated to material items. That way, these big bosses might change their minds so that the sales associates don’t have to pulled ways from theirs again & again.


To end this, I want you all to know that the situations listed above are not the only experiences a sales associate goes through on this hectic, emotionally draining day. We actually do have some amazing, positive, and hilarious moments that we love. There are those customers that truly bring you up after a horrible experience and we really do appreciate you! We do recognize those who really are just trying to get a good deal, that are appreciative, and understanding. Don’t ever think that we don’t notice it and value you all! You all are the reason we work continue to work for a retail brand. Creating customers for life, and we can’t wait to help you on this day!



My Style Icon of the Moment!

Hello my loves! So recently I have been obsessing over, well more than usual, Kristin Cavallari! I’ve loved her spunky, tell it how it is, no holding back attitude ever since she graced the small screen on Laguna Beach! While her fashion sense back in the day wasn’t exactly icon worthy, that is a different story today! I love her casually chic looks that she always rocks! Every piece she chooses feels effortless. And it isn’t just the clothing, it’s her whole look from the hair, to the makeup, and her overall persona! She makes simple feel glamorous! She also rocks her pregnancy style!  I’m hoping she comes out with her own line before I decide to start a family because I will buy literally everything!

I think what I love most is that she uses a lot of neutrals, which is definitely what I’m drawn to. The blacks, nudes, browns, and whites feel really crisp and elegant. But I do also LOVE LOVE LOVE when she incorporates color or a print. She is really smart about it and never goes over the top. She also really knows her body type. She dresses herself in a way that really elongates her body to make her appear taller, which is great for us short girls out there, AM I RIGHT?