Get Healthy With Me!

Alright people, January was all about getting my diet back on track and it has been a success! I have avoided fast food and sugary everything (except for Superbowl Sunday, that doesn’t count though, right?) and have been making sure to eat balanced meals everyday! It may sound like a stretch, but starting your morning with a healthy green shake really helps to make sure you stay strong throughout the entire day!

Now that I have my diet down, it’s time to set a workout routine for a “Fit February!!” So I went ahead and made a calendar to guide what I will be focusing on day-to-day for the month of February!


If you’re like me, when there is something to cross off on a list, you need to do it! Nothing makes me feel accomplished like crossing off everything I had planned on doing! So putting your workout on a calendar is a great way to make sure it gets done! What are some of your go to exercises to get ready for those summer days?