My 2016 Review

It’s officially the last day of 2016, and I have no idea how we are here already! A lot of big changes took place this past year and I felt there was no better way to ring in the new year than to reflect on on my favorite parts from the past 12 months!

Obviously, the biggest impact that occurred this year was the love of my life asking me to marry him! WHAT! I’ve pretty much dreamed about this day since the very first time we exchanged “I love you’s” and it still felt surreal! The effort he put into making sure my family was there just really blew me away!


The next change was moving out of my very first apartment! And while it may not seem like that big of a deal, I was actually pretty emotional as I got closer and closer to moving day. That apartment was the very first place I ever had to myself & will always have a soft spot for it! But I’m excited for the adventure my new place will bring me & more importantly the 10 minute commute to work that gives me extra time to sleep in!

Two big/important moments of 2016 were the arrival of my 2 new nephews Jackson & Shane! The love that comes over me when new family members join the team can not be matched! Their sweet personalities are shining through already and it makes me excited for more years to come!

One of my New Years resolutions for 2016 was to go on more adventures/travel more. While I didn’t get to travel as much as I planned, Joey & I definitely put a lot more effort into how we spent our free time! From backseat picnics by the lake, spending the day in sunflower fields, and last minute trips back to Longwood University to retrace our steps to where we first met, we have built some pretty great memories with each other in the last year!

2017 has a lot to live up to, but it’s the year I hopefully get to marry my best friend, welcome a new little cousin, and another chance to live my life the best way I can! Get excited for the new year y’all!



Winter Stripes!

Winter has finally arrived here in Charlottesville and with that came a giant blizzard that kept me way from work for almost 3 days! And I must admit that during those wonderful snow days, I went into hibernation, which pretty much means I wore nothing but leggings and sweatshirts all day long! But now that I am back to work it is time to step up my game a bit!

I am definitely a dress girl, no doubt about it. They are so easy and comfortable, but for some reason when you wear a dress everyone thinks that means you have your life together, which is perfectly fine with me! However dresses in the winter can be pretty tricky since it is so cold and they don’t provide all that much layering!

I found the perfect little dress that gives you great shape, it is fun & flirty, but has a sweater material to keep you nice and warm all day! To be honest, I bought this dress, returned it, and bought it back because I loved it that much! The best news is that it is now on sale for under $100!




 Anthropologie Dress


Fall Photoshoot!

While fall is sadly coming to an end, I thought it would be a great idea for Joey and I to get some professional photos taken (not ones where we are at our fake wedding) since our lives have changed so much since our college days and continuing so!

So I called up my very talented sister, Katie, of Katie Powers Photography to capture a few shots of us while we were still in the prettiest season of them all!








Fall Inspired Wedding Photoshoot!

With our 4 year anniversary coming up soon (seriously can’t believe it!) it couldn’t have been a more perfect time for my friend to ask Joey & I to help her with a stylized wedding shoot! She works for Jamie Leigh Weddings and was putting together a fall wedding for some inspiration in their site!

We got to work with some of the best wedding vendors in Virginia and I feel so lucky to have a memory like this! Anywho, here are some of the shots taken that day by the lovely Tara Liebeck Photography! I can’t get enough of them!














The Details of Fall!

If you haven’t figured out by now from my unlimited comments about how amazing fall is, it’s my favorite season!  Everything is just better in the fall. The activities, the food, the colors, the smells, and the fashion (especially the fashion)!! I thought it would be fun to share my favorite fall details that really help to make your outfit feel more cozy to fit in with the fall season. So here we go!


1. My favorite thing about fall are all the sweaters and cardigans. Layering naturally adds a coziness to your everyday look and just makes you want to cuddle up next to a fire and drink some cider. My favorites these past few season have been anything with a big aztec print. It just adds a little character to your outfit!

2. Tassel booties have been EVERYWHERE this summer and they are definitely going to be a staple for the fall. I love having a little something playful at the feet for a little something extra you wouldn’t expect!

3. HATS! I am all about hats. Beanies are the best in my opinion because they have such a cool and easy-going feel that pulls your whole look together. But I am also really loving wide-brim, felt hats this year. They just really feel like a statement piece that can also cover up a bad hair day.

4. Speaking of hair, this is going to be a major surprise for you, like Huge! I am still rocking braids for fall! All jokes aside, braids add a lot of texture and depth to not only your hair, but your overall look. And as you can tell, those two things are a major factor for fall style. Braids can act as an art piece, so even if you keep your looks simple, they add the wow factor!

5. It wouldn’t be fall if it didn’t include a chunky knit scarf. They are full, cozy, and so so so soft. I usually get mine in creams, olives, and maroons because those are pretty neutral colors for the season and will go with anything!

6. Flannels and Vests, my go to outfit for fall.  Flannels not only have a cozy texture, but they are a great way to bring in lots of color your outfit of the day. And layering a basic puffer vest in a solid color helps to tone it down but also creating a very put together look.


Big Moves!

I’M MOVING!!!! I never thought I would actually say that, but it’s true! I was offered a position with Anthropologie and that means I am packing up and headed to Charlottesville, Virginia! I know what you’re thinking…. “Didn’t she just start a job at Ulta Beauty?” Yes, that is also true, and while I have enjoyed my time there and all the things I’ve learned as a manager, I just really miss the creative side that I had back at Victoria’s Secret. And to be honest, I don’t think there is really a more creative place to work than Anthropologie so I just can’t wait to start!


I am beyond excited and beyond terrified to leave my childhood home of Chesapeake, Virginia. Besides being away at college, this has really been the only place I’ve ever lived. My family is here and I’m really nervous and sad to leave them all. But with that said, I have to remember that I am only moving 3 hours away so it isn’t really all that bad. However, I am sad to be moving away from the beach… no matter how hard the locals of Charlottesville try to say that the lake shores are beaches, they just aren’t. Not even close.

Chris Greene Lake Park Albemarle County Virginia Sunset

I’ve always really loved Charlottesville, I mean it’s beautiful! Mountains, Vineyards, Breweries, lakes, the shopping, and not to mention my boyfriend is there! January will make 4 years that we have been together and 3 of them have been long distance so a major plus to the move is that will all change!


Now I am on the hunt for my first apartment, which I’m also SUPER excited about because if you know me, then you know that I have been collecting home decor since I was a freshman in college. (By the way, if I were you, I would definitely take that advice! It takes so much stress off of you knowing that you already have a majority of the stuff you need while looking for a new place!) I’m sure my parents are more than ready to have they 3rd floor clear of all my belongings HA!


A Quarter Century of Me!!!


Katie Powers Photography

So it’s official, I’m 25! A quarter of a century! And yet I still look like I’m 14….. I am super excited for a new year to take on my goals and knock them out of the park! 24 was an all-over-the-place kind of year for me. I quit my first big girl job, left Victoria’s Secret after more than 6 years, started a new career working for Ulta Beauty, and so much more!

I’m looking forward to a year filled with hard work in pushing myself the be the best I can be, having a more positive outlook on life in each situation, and forcing myself out of my comfort zone! Now is definitely the time for it! I also really want to dedicate myself to this space so much more as well! It’s been a blast interacting with y’all and seeing how much some of my posts inspire you and I can’t wait to put out more and with the holidays coming up, I have so many ideas to share!

Thank you so much to my family, friends, and everyone who has supported me in the last year and sent birthday wishes! It made my day that much more special and I can’t even explain how much I appreciate all of you!