Back At It!

Okay y’all….. so I fell of the clean eating and workout wagon HARD! While I continued to run almost every morning and do nightly yoga, that doesn’t really mean much when I’m consuming enough pizza rolls for 4 people, like twice a day. I’m lucky that I haven’t gained any weight (thank you lord for my metabolism), but that also means I haven’t been improving and I’m starting to feel sluggish. So we are not going to do that anymore, especially with it being beach season and a vacation right around the corner!

So to help some of you that are in the same boat as me, I decided to share a simple day diet so you can get an example of what my daily intake will be like from now on. While this will not be the everyday plan (that would get super boring, super fast and drive me right back to the pizza rolls) it’s a way for you to see how I’m balancing each meal for my day.

Diet Plan



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